!!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!   Appointments for all SERVICES can be made for up-to 12 months in-advance using the online scheduling calendar.

Appointments scheduled (for up to 12 months) in the future & scheduled BEFORE the APRIL 08, 2024 Rate Adjustment goes into effect) will be held to the 2023 service pricing.  (However; IF one of those appointments is Re-scheduled after April 07, 2024 THEN the new/re-scheduled service rate will be applied)

GIFT CERTIFICATES purchased from calendar year 2023 through APRIL 07, 2024 retain their SERVICE Value for 12 months FROM their Date of Purchase (& will convert to their DOLLAR Value 12 months AFTER their Date of Purchase)


 <<<<<<<<<<< NEW SERVICES PRICING as of APRIL 08, 2024 >>>>>>>>>>>

_ADOLESCENT Massage(12-17y.o.): 45Min./$90. | 60Min./$120.

_DEEP TISSUE Massage: 75Min./$170. | 90Min./$190

_MANUAL LYMPH DRAINAGE Therapy (MLD):  60Min./$135. | 75Min./$160. | 90Min./$180.

_MANUAL LYMPH DRAINAGE (Post-OP): 60Min./$140. | 75Min./$170. | 90Min./$190.

_MEDICAL Massage Therapy:  60Min.,/$135. | 75Min./$160. | 90Min./$180.

_ONCOLOGY Massage:  45Min./$90. | 60Min./$120.

_ORTHOPEDIC-INTEGRATIVE Massage: 60Min./$135. | 75Min./$160. | 90Min./$180. | 105Min./$220. | 120Min./$260.

_SWEDISH (Therapeutic) Massage: 60Min./$135. | 75Min./$160. | 90Min./$180. | 105Min./$220. | 120Min./$260.


*3-PACK BUNDLES* : Receive a 5% savings for purchase of 3 sessions of the same Service & Duration.  Note: (unless purchased in the form of a Gift Certificate) ALL 3-Pack Bundles expire 12 months after purchase, are NOT transferrable to another person. Any unused sessions are not refundable.

AS of 4/08/24 3-Pack Bundles will not be available for Adolescent, Medical or Oncology Massage.