My entire professional career has been in the field of Healthcare.  Previous to completing my training as a Massage Therapist, I worked as a Behavioral Health Counselor in varied therapeutic settings, frequently collaborating as part of a professional treatment team to assess and identify an individual's needs and subsequently offer solutions. 

What I felt as absent from many treatment plans was the somatic aspect of the Mind-Body connection.  ALL of us live in our bodies each day, evening and night. They are rich in sensory awareness and are in continual communication with their owners...you!

Since graduating from National Holistic Institute (NHI) In the year 2000, I've expanded my skills with continuing education in the fields of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (Chikly Institute), CranioSacral Therapy (Upledger Institute), Orthopedic & Clinical Massage Therapy (James Waslaski), Myofascial Release Technique  (John F. Barnes Institute) and others.  

My intent is to have useful tools in my toolbox and to use them wisely. Each session is  customized with your particular needs and personal goals in mind. 

My Philosophy is: 

You are whole already & Just as you are; regardless of appearance, diagnosis, and/or behavior.  

My Role is that of a Facilitator and not a "fixer".

My Mission Statement:

"I assist the young, the old and the restless by cooperatively coaxing their muscles, minds or other systems in need toward a more balanced state of well-being."