Joanne Cosgrove, CMT is a Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork practice with focus to the relief and management of pain. The primary intention is to assist in the relief of pain &/or restricted movement, restore function to areas in need and ultimately; to resume what brings one joy in life.

Joanne Cosgrove recently entered her 19 th year of providing Therapeutic and Restorative Bodywork to San Francisco's "East Bay" communities and continues to love the work that she offers.  She attended National Holistic Institute (Emeryville, CA) and has actively participated in continuing education since graduating in August of 2000.  She is qualified in Clinical/Orthopedic Massage (The Center for Pain Mnagement: James Waslaski), Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (The Chikly Institute), CranioSacral Therapy (Upledger Institute), Myofascial Release techniques (John Barnes Institute) and additional modalities.   Her inherent philosophy is that one is already whole, regardless of appearance, symptoms, diagnosis or behavior.  She has maintained this belief since her previous career as a Behavioral Health Counselor where she collaborated with other professionals in various inpatient, outpatient and residential treatment environments.

"The body is listening to what the mind is saying".   _(Naomi Judd)

"Everybody tells a story and Every Body has a story".  _(Joanne Cosgrove)

I hold both of the above in my awareness when I interact with someone new to me, as well as those with whom I have an established relationship.  Trust requires consent, whether the awareness is on a conscious level or not.  The majority of new clients have trusted a referral given by an existing client, a medical professional, a healthcare professional or a fellow colleague.  With consent, I will collaborate with those on their Wellness Team.

All sessions are designed to address one's specific needs and specific goals at the time of service.

“Joanne’s years of experience truly inform her clients’ experience.” ~W.E.