15-20 minutes: No Fee

*R-e-q-u-i-r-e-d for anyone NEW to this office (or if it has been 2 years or longer since the most recent session).

Complimentary Consultations are to be used as a screening tool to determine if your needs and your goals are a good fit for the Services I offer or if it is best to refer you to another Provider of Care.  A review of a Client Intake form will be a factor in making this determination.

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Deep Tissue Massage

60,75,90 minutes: $120/$150/$180(PKG.Pricing available)

Deep Tissue Massage can be a highly effective method for releasing chronic soft tissue tensions due to established/old scar tissue, misalignment, repetitive motions, and past lingering injuries (that may or may not have been addressed with surgery).

Area of old injuries or where there has been established scar tissue may require several sessions as this tissue may be "fibrotic" (which is change to collagen fibers within the tissue, itself).

*Deep Tissue massage is n-o-t recommended for those who are new to massage therapy, have compromised immune systems,are prone to bruising or who have an underlying medical condition (see the CONTRAINDICATIONS Page + the HELPFUL FORMS pages for additional details)*

Manual Lymph Drainage(MLD)

60/75/90 minutes: $120/$150/$180(PKG.Pricing available for 60, 75 & 90 minute sessions)

*Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy (MLD) also known as "lymphatic massage" uses light stretching movements of the skin to gently & rhythmically move lymph fluid through the body for improved health.  It can be utilized for a wide range of purposes to include: accelerating recovery post-illness, reducing swelling (edema) to affected areas of the body (as a result of injury or surgery) and assisting in the reduction of inflammation.

MLD can also be an effective tool if you are preparing for or recovering from medical, dental, or elective procedures to include cosmetic surgery, given its potential to reduce swelling to the post-surgical site & to aid in the formation of smoother & more functional scar tissue.  (Scar tissue left unaddressed can potentially develop into fibrotic tissue & adhesions which may contribute to painful restrictions impacting range-of-motion (ROM) to area of the surgical site as well as areas much farther away.

Massage Cupping ("Add On" service, only)

A wonderful (& optional) massage therapy tool to assist in "lifting" tissues of your body that may be highly congested, restricting your Range-Of-Motion (ROM), are sensitive to touch or are a source of pain*  The cupping can be integrated with other manual therapy techniques such as compression & is ideal as an aid when receiving work to the IlioTibial Band (sides of the hips & thighs) & to the Plantar Fascia (soles of the feet)   Additionally, Facial Massage cups, (that have significantly less "lifting" capability) can be a wonderful tool in addressing sensitive areas such as the jawline, mandible, forehead, occipital region  and aid in reducing accumulated congestion of the ears/nose and throat.

These soft, medical-grade silicone cups are designed for use in a massage therapy session.

Medical Massage

45/60/75/90 minutes: $90/$120/$150/$180

Per the CA Department of Public Health (CDPH) Medical Massage is defined as massage in response to a Referral issued by a Doctor, Physician or Chiropractor and is for the purpose of "preventative care" and/or for "resuming deferred care".

In some instances, medical massage for preventative care may be recommended to prevent relapse or maintain level of progress for a condition which may (or may not) have been a result of accident, injury or surgery.  When resuming for deferred care, it is strongly recommended you explore your current physical status with your doctor, physician or chiropractor to determine the  best course of action & if medical massage is an appropriate service for you to receive at this time.

Any Question regarding this service should be directed to the CONTACT ME page of this website:

Orthopedic/Integrative Massage

60,75,90,120 minutes: $120/$150/$180/$250(PKG.Pricing available for 60,75 & 90 minute sessions)

_Orthopedic/Integrative Massage Therapy uses a variety of manual techniques to relieve tension and restore function to soft tissues of your body that may be a source of pain or restricting your range-of-motion (ROM).  Dependent upon the condition of the muscles and fascia, passive and assisted stretching many be utilized.  It can be* an effective adjunct therapy in conjunction with other allied healthcare services such as: physical therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, personal training, Pilates, chiropractic and osteopathic care.  *To promote best outcomes, it is recommended you consult with your medical provider of care if you are currently receiving treatment(s) for an active medical condition(s).


Swedish (Therapeutic) Massage

60,75,90,120 minutes: $120./$150./$180./$250.PKG.PricingAvailable

Swedish Massage is a relaxing and soothing style of bodywork that uses an assortment of massage strokes to assist the body and nervous system in decompressing. The benefits of this type of bodywork are wide-ranging and include relief from minor aches, decreased levels of stress in the body, and improved flexibility.  Pressure can be varied from light to moderate.

"The T.L.C."(TM)

90,120 minutes: $180/$250.(PKG.PricingAvailable)

Re-balance your systems in need by-way-of an integrated session that commences with Craniosacral Therapy, followed by Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy (MLD) & finishing with Therapeutic Massage of a light-medium level of pressure, to your back, hips, legs, arms and feet.  INCLUDES: steamed towels* (available at Albany location only) applied to the feet or back + choice of aromatherapy via diffuser or blended in a topical application for stress or pain reduction.

* warmed towels available at the Lafayette location