Thank you for considering an appointment for yourself or for someone else. ALL sessions are reserved for you and are customized for you and your needs.                               

NOTE: By scheduling an Appointment (via online scheduling, text, email, telephone or in-person) you are agreeing to abide by ALL of the Policies listed below.                                                            

•••CANCELATION & RESCHEDULING•••              48 HOURS NOTICE of EITHER: Cancelation OR RE-scheduling is required for ALL appointments.  This includes appointments scheduled less-than 48 Hours before the date/time of your appointment & ANY Changes to-the-Duration/Minutes of the appointment (i.e. FR: 60 minutes TO: 45 minutes)                                                              •IF < 48 Hours Notice is given for a Cancelation THEN 50% of the Session Fee is due or removed from the value of a Gift Certificate OR Prepaid Package of 5 sessions.   

IF < 48 Hours Notice is given for a Reduction- in-the-Duration/Minutes of the appointment THEN the fee-for-service will be for the original/higher duration session.                                            The Therapist has final decision to cancel a session IF a client is determined by the Therapist to be physically ill, physically contagious, is under the influence of drugs/ medications, alcohol or is cognitively impaired in any manner.                                         

•••CONDUCT•••                                                      ALL Services I provide are Clinical & Therapeutic in nature with the intention to restore movement, function, range-of-motion, or otherwise decrease physical pain.                                              All clients are expected to maintain good hygiene and arrive with clean skin and hair.                                                                  NO suggestive verbal remarks or behavior will be tolerated. In doing so, your remaining session time will be forfeited with the full session fee due and payable.                                                                YOUR cooperation in abiding by the above policies is valued and expected.