48 Hours or more required; otherwise,  100% of the session fee is due and payable or removed from any account credit you may have as the result of a Gift Certificate or Pre-Pay Package of 3 or 6 sessions.  

ONE "pardon" is allotted per lifetime  (a.k.a. "get out of jail free card" : ) for a late Cancelation, a late RE-scheduling (which means you're canceling your appointment in order to schedule a new one) OR for a NO SHOW for a scheduled appointment.  

ALL Cancelations/Rescheduling requests must be submitted using the [ "Add to Calendar" |  "Cancel" | "Reschedule" ] option (written in grey font) that accompanies your Appointment Reminder and also your Appointment Confirmation.  In the event of extenuating circumstances or health emergency email: Joanne@JoanneCosgroveCMT.com , text message or leave a voicemail (925) 788-9790


Means you were not present in-person for the entire duration of your scheduled appointment time.  As well, a Cancelation made by you AFTER the appointment time has passed will count as a NO SHOW.  IF you arrive late, your session will still occur, will still end at the originally scheduled time and the full fee-for-service will still be due.

APPOINTMENT REMINDERS: 2 Reminders are issued via email or text message (dependent upon what you have chosen).  Reminder#1: issued 1 week (7 days) prior to your scheduled appointment date Reminder#2: issued 72 Hours (3 days) prior to your appointment (this leaves a 24 Hour window for canceling or rescheduling an appointment without incurring a fee)

GRATUITIES:  NO Gratuities ("Tips") are accepted.  Any overpayment will be applied as credit-to-your-account.  Cash is not kept on the premises.  

Your continued patronage, referrals to friends, family or those in the medical community are welcomed.  If you feel inclined to do so, posting a positive review to the GOOGLE Business Page, Facebook Business Page (Joanne Cosgrove, CMT) &/or YELP assists with sustainability for my small business.

PAYMENTS: ALL clients are required to have a current and valid credit or debit card on file with their client account.  This credit card will not be charged unless: there is a Late Cancelation/Rescheduling, No Show or in the event the client does not have any existing monetary credit to their client account as a result of a Gift Certificate or a Prepay Package purchase.  

The ONLY accepted forms of payment are: Personal Check (with a government issued photo identification), VISA/MC/AMEX/Discover/Debit/Flexible Spending Account(FSA) card/Health Savings Account(HSA) card/Medical Savings Account (MSA) card.  Proof of Identification via any government issued photo I.D. is required at the initial payment only.  Name on the government issued I.D. must match the name on the checking account or card.  **ALL payments are due at time of service**

REFUNDS:  All purchases made are final and nonrefundable.  In the event an injury or illness precludes you from receiving any of the SERVICES listed on this website's MENU for 6 months beyond the date of your last session, THEN a refund ( minus a 5% Administrative Fee) will be issued to you contingent upon a written, dated & signed Rx. or note from your Primary Medical Provider to list your medical diagnosis and the reasons you are not able to receive any of the Massage or Bodywork listed on the SERVICES Menu.

Refunds will not be issued in the event the  State of CA, County, Local Government or City Agencies restricts/limits/prohibits any or all practice of the services listed on this website. 

ONLINE SCHEDULING: This practice utilizes a secure and encrypted software and online scheduling management program.  All online appointments are considered as "requests" for appointments and will be accepted/declined by the proprietor/therapist.

ONLINE CANCELING: All Cancelations made online are automatically accepted if it done 48 Hours or more prior to your appointment time and date &/or the necessary fees for a late cancelation/late rescheduling are paid online (after being prompted by the software program to do so).