* Combined County and Bay Area Regional Shelter-in-Place orders (the latter per the State of CA that went into effect December 17, 2020) have closed (indefinitely) massage therapy that is NOT in response to a Referral from a Doctor, Physician or Chiropractor *

** "Medical Massage" where a doctor, physician or chiropractor has issued a referral for massage therapy services (for the purpose of Preventative Care or resuming Deferred Care) IS permitted **

*** Note: Medical Massage is not a specific style/type of massage such as Deep Tissue, Orthopedic, Neuromuscular or Lymphatic Drainage Massage though, the referral from your physician, doctor or chiropractor might indicate a style/type of massage to best support your medical condition(s).

Medical Massage is recognized by the CA Department of Public Health (CDPH) as an "essential service" & part of health services and is not assigned under the "personal services" category (non-healthcare/non-medical massage) listed by the County nor is it assigned under the "massage therapy studios" business category with the State of CA's Blueprint For a Safer Economy website: 

Any questions regarding this order may be directed to the CONTACT ME page of this website OR by using one of the below links.

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_Contra Costa County: