The PAY-IT-FORWARD program is a way you can support a small business or non-profit/charity of your choice.

When you purchase an online Gift Certificate from this website's MENU of Services you have the option to Pay-Forward 25% of its value to purchase a gift certificate, card or voucher from a local business of your choice.  THEN, that gift certificate/gift card or gift voucher is issued in your name & sent to you via mail or email.  Essentially; you are receiving a 25% rebate to use elsewhere in the community (and supporting another small business at the same time).

1) SELECT the green, "Buy Gift Certificate" button at the bottom of this website's HOMEPAGE.  

2) AFTER you select the Service OR a dollar($) amount of your choosing  

3) THEN, in the "Message to Recipient" area: Type the name & contact information of your designated small business; preferably the business' website)

4) IF your gift certificate purchase is a gift to someone (other than yourself), THEN use the: "Contact Me" page from the MENU to supply the business' contact information.  

5) IF your designated business is a Non-profit or 501c Charity THEN you have the option to make a donation to that organization.  Use the "Contact Me" option from the main MENU to supply your contact information in order that a receipt may be emailed to you.                  

NOTE: you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a gift certificate &/or to schedule an appointment.        

*A Gift Certificate does n-o-t expire and will hold its value to be used toward a service from the current Services Menu.  A Gift Certificate is transferrable to an eligible person (18 years of age and older)*

** LIMIT of One Gift Certificate Purchase per Person for this Pay-It-Forward program **

***[FINAL Day to Purchase: 9/30/2020]*** 

All questions should be directed to: 

Sending kind thoughts & intentions for peace, wellness, and prosperity.

Joanne Cosgrove