For the mutual safety of the practitioners, clients and patients of the Albany Hill Health Center facility, the following protocols are mandated for everyone.  They m-u-s-t be adhered to each-and-every-time you enter the building and exit the building:

*Specific to clients of Joanne Cosgrove, CMT

_FACE MASKS are to be worn at all times
(Bandanas or neck/face gators are NOT accepted forms of face coverings within the clinic; including during your session).  *Joanne will provide a disposable face mask to her clients in the event they do not have one. (Your individual Practitioner will discuss mask protocols with you if your treatment requires you to be lying face-down).

_Do NOT arrive more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time.  Wait for your Practitioner to open the door for you (text or telephone your practitioner if they have not greeted you at your scheduled appointment time).  *Joanne Cosgrove's mobile number is: (925) 788-9790

_Kindly do NOT knock on the door (as it is disruptive to those already in session nearer the front of the building).

_It is asked you WAIT in your vehicle OR at one of the red, cafe-style chairs provided directly in front of the building.  The sidewalk directly in front of the building is protected from rain, sun and most elements.  

_NO one may accompany you into the building.  If someone provided you transportation, he/she/they need to wait in their car or wait outdoors.  

_Social Distancing Protocols of 6 feet are to be observed both while inside and outside of the building. 

_EVERYONE will have their temperature taken at the entrance door via contact-less thermometer.  IF your temperature is 100deg.F or higher THEN you will be asked to leave immediately and make arrangements to reschedule.

_Hand Sanitizer is amply provided in the common areas and in the individual treatment rooms.  It should be used both prior to & post your treatment session as well as Before using the bathroom facilities.

_The facility is using EPA approved cleaners and disinfectants for use on the COVID19 virus in both the common areas and within the treatment rooms. They are hydrogen peroxide-based and are non-irritating to most for the nose, throat, and lungs.   

_The client/patient bathrooms are being disinfected between uses.

_All clients, patients and practitioners are expected to use hand sanitizer prior to using the bathrooms and to wash their hands with soap and water prior to leaving the bathroom.

_All practitioners follow OSHA mandated hand washing procedures.

_The building has a new commercial-grade HVAC system (installed June 2020) that uses enclosed, UV filtration technology as an additional defense against the Cov-Sars-2 Virus (COVID19).

_*Joanne Cosgrove's treatment room uses a true HEPA Filtration system that filters particles as small as 0.1 micron & provides full room air exchange 5 times per hour.  It is set to the ON position and runs continuously during and between treatment sessions.  The room's skylight can optionally be opened for additional ventilation measures.

_*Joanne's treatment room is ventilated for a min. 30 minutes between client sessions.

_The facility is encouraging contact-less methods of payment as much as possible.  IF you opt to pay for your session via cash or check, kindly have it placed in an envelope.

_*ALL same-day Cancelation Fees are WAIVED in the event you are having symptoms; HOWEVER, Cancelation Fees will apply in the event of a "No Show" to an appointment         ( refer to POLICIES page: ).

• Should you have any questions about any of the above COVID19 Protocols, kindly contact your practitioner directly •