Joanne Cosgrove, CMT
CAMTC License# 59544


  • For the mutual safety of practitioners and clients/patients, the following protocols are being required for everyone and are to be adhered to each-and-every-time you enter and exit the building:
  • A link to the COVID19 Screening Form (look for the red bar) will be issued with your Appointment Reminder (sent via text or email) 48Hours prior to your scheduled appointment date/time.  It should be completed w-i-t-h-i-n 24 Hours of your appointment date/time.
  • FACE MASKS or approved* face COVERINGS are to be worn at all times
  • *Bandanas, neck/face gators are n-o-t accepted forms of effective face coverings within the clinic; including during your session. ( Note: Cloth face coverings must have a PM2.5 filter in them; otherwise,  Joanne will provide a disposable face mask to wear atop your cloth mask ).
  • As of 01/01/2022 all clients new to this practice (or if it has been greater than 12 months since the last appointment for existing clients) are required to show Proof of full COVID19 vaccination. A screenshot of the front/back of your vaccination card, the card itself or documentation from your primary healthcare system (i.e. Kaiser, Sutter Health, John Muir Health, etc.) are accepted.  Your government issued ID should accompany your vaccination card.
  • Kindly arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, in order that your appointment commences on time.  Once you arrive to the premises send a text message to Joanne's mobile number: (925) 788-9790 or telephone that number.  NOTE: Joanne will greet you at the entrance door and then escort you to your treatment room.
  • This is to reduce potential for congestion in the Lobby/Waiting Area and observe social distancing protocols.  
  • It's encouraged for you to remain outdoors (seating provided) or in your vehicle (in the event of poor weather).
  • As a courtesy to patients of the other office Practitioners who are receiving sessions in the building, a-l-l telephone calls should be conducted outdoors.  
  • EVERYONE is responsible for taking their own temperatures at-home (no temperatures will be taken at the office at this time). IF your temperature is 100 degrees F or greater the day-of-your-appointment THEN make arrangements with Joanne Cosgrove, CMT to reschedule.
  • Hand Sanitizer is amply provided in the common areas and in the treatment room.  It should be used both prior to & post your treatment session as well as before entering the bathroom facilities.
  • The facilities are using hydrogen peroxide-based EPA approved cleaners and disinfectants for use on the COVID19 virus in both the common areas and within the treatment rooms. They are generally non-irritating to the nose, throat, and lungs,  break down to water and are friendlier to the environment.
  • All practitioners are following OSHA mandated hand washing procedures. 
  • Joanne's treatment rooms receive supplemental ventilation (via an open window/open door or both) + air purification (using two, HEPA air purifiers) for a minimum of 15 full minutes a-f-t-e-r the last client has vacated the room & hard/soft surfaces cleaned & disinfected.
  • Contact-less methods of payment are encouraged as much as possible.  IF you opt to pay for your session via cash, kindly have it placed in an envelope p-r-i-o-r to the beginning of your session.
  • All questions regarding the above should be directed to Joanne Cosgrove 
  • Your cooperation with these Protocols is appreciated and expected.