This page lists some (not all) conditions where either Massage or Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy either should not be performed &/or if Consent to Receive Treatment from your Physician is required. [For your health & safety, completion of a "Client Intake Form" is required p-r-i-o-r to receiving any service for the first time(or  if it has been more than 18 months since your last session). Refer to "Helpful Forms" from the main MENU & the "Client Intake Form" via the blue, "Book Appointment" button].  

*Open Cuts/Wounds *Burns (to include sunburn) *Signs of a Cold/Fever/Flu/ Infection *Taking Antibiotics *Undiagnosed Swelling/Edema  *Active Cancer *Drainage Ports(post surgery) *Kidney Disease *Cardiopulmonary Disease (COPD) *Lymphedema (upon request, I ca supply you contact information to qualified and Certified Lymphedema Therapists/CLT who offer Complete/Complex Decongestive Therapy/CDT))  NOTE: Contraindications related to COVID19-related symptoms and circumstances can be found by selecting the blue, "Book Appointment" button (located at the bottom of this website's HOME PAGE).